The (Almost) Three magical words! – “Login , Sign up or Learn more”

It all began when we weren’t acquainted , …and continued after we got acquainted to each other.

One fine day, I couldn’t just stop myself and irresistibly fell for you.

It all began with a sign up….and obviously the next time onwards I had to login.-_-It somehow, won’t work out, until some addicted soul told me to verify my account from my mail.  And voila! There it was….thankyou asshole, now go off. -.-

Then I began visiting you, and we used to see each other everyday. Just a glimpse of the carnage that awaited , because now we see each other everyday, every night, every hour , even every quarter of an hour.

Remember the first display picture I put up ?? ..of some WWE wrestler. While the world was busy putting up ‘gleaming-eyed ,bushy-tailed “love” pictures’ …I just couldn’t compromise , and I honestly believe, the default pic provided by Zuckerberg was far better.

My first post , a pic , perhaps of some grayscale guy leaning on a wall with a cigarette saying perhaps either ‘love sucks’ ..or ‘life sucks’ ..or something…as were the contemporary trends.

We didn’t really have to have captions on every next picture, and thanking people for their tag was the norm. ….and random assholes thanked you even if they were nowhere to be seen in the picture. So far so good .

Now, out of nowhere, these media men came into the picture and news since after was like…..

BREAKING NEWS!!  , The Prime minister says he is feeling poverty-ridden with three others and our sources say that they certainly aren’t Lu-lang , Chu- Chang and Fu-Fang.

But the damage had been done.
People now, conscious of the fact that media might be after them,began to think of themselves a bit more seriously , as if what they ‘did or didn’t’ would bother us.

They came up with captions, which were not theirs.

Awww……  Bae, Beau   owsm…gr8 and the slang became a proper language.

“my life is awesome” and    “mah life, mah rules ,mah attitude”……   just type this in search box, and read the results later, because they’re already in millions.


Then came the era when people became editors and picture were edited before being posted. This went on to a new level with retrica and candy.

(this was around the time when Taarak Mehta used to be the unrivalled king of the Indian television)

Sometimes  girls….and only girls..wrote   “no filter” …after dipping their pic into a shitload of filter!

Not to mention the ‘fake ID’ era  which began at the very beginning(and would continue to be forever) , when a restless guy made an account and then made another, guised as a girl.
And also the ‘Bro,like my pic’ era .
This was how the ‘dude’ species , in India, came into being.

Soon after , we entered the present era, the “hashtag” era.    I need not say about this because #haters_gonna_hate   This yet again boosted the caption industry.

“if you have crazy friends, you have everything”      #timbuktu_diaries

dude… how come you got everything by just having crazy friends . I mean, if you have crazy friends, you still have a lot of scope. For example, you may just look out for some sane, sensible friends.

And finally …the present day , the trending norms are – wishing someone a birthday with a pic and a heap of paragraphs one doesn’t mean a word of!

And..the   #placed_it_is   culture ,….is it just in my college or in every college.

Anyways….this is how we’ve evolved over the ages and the contagious virus has taken down everyone. The time-table is the worst affected. I’m writing this at 5:28 AM in the morning. …and haven’t slept yet.

So perhaps in all of our journey , we could have not been so much ‘controlled-over’ .             Perhaps  we missed out on something .                                                                                                     Perhaps we could have “learnt more” !

and DUH! did I just sound saintly ??



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